About Naman HR

A team of passionate A-players, serial entrepreneurs, and HR specialists striving to create lasting business impact for our clients through all things Human Resources.

A traditional Indian greeting that communicates respect for others – for the form of life they represent not just the endowments they have acquired.


To empower clients to attract, develop, and retain their top talent for a rapidly transforming business environment.

The road that led us here…

Very early on in our careers we realised a successful organisation is only as good as its people.  And people adapt.

What are the factors that influence people?

Is performance only driven through internal motivation?

How far do environmental factors go?

Can we drive great performance across the board – not just in a handful few outliers?

We obsessed over these questions.

As a result, gave birth to NAMAN HR

– a one-stop shop to bespoke HR solutions across the Talent Lifecycle. Naman HR is an attempt to:

  • leverage our passion and expertise to find answers that available literature failed to provide
  • find and use proven performance enhancement tools to empower individuals
  • help businesses build a sustainable growth engine by harnessing the power of their human resources

Over the last 2 decades, we have worked closely with organisations across industries and geographies.

In the process, we found some answers and some triumphs. Some great associates and partnerships. And life-long clients. Those who demanded tough goals, pushed us to reinvent, and got us to achieve results we couldn’t have foreseen ourselves!

As the scope and scale of our work increased, so did our reach and impact. Today, we serve leading brands and companies across India, UAE, Singapore, and Europe. Our clients stem from diverse industries including Automobile, BFSI, Retail, Consumer Durable, FMCG, Logistics, and Telecom to name a few.

Today we offer

Our Partnerships and Alliances

Through a large spectrum of strategic alliances, we provide insight and data-driven solutions across the talent lifecycle. In effect, you gain speed and efficiency by relying on us as your one-stop-shop to all Talent-related requirements.

Our Joint Venture

DOOR International (DISEA)

DOOR International is a global training & consulting organisation with presence in over 100 countries. Backed by over 35 years of success, DOOR carries a robust catalogue of globally acclaimed proprietary and licensed products and services for Talent Management. Through our JV, DOOR International South East Asia (DISEA) caters to more than 20 countries in South Asia and Middle East.

We Represent


PSI is now Talogy. The talent management experts. We craft solutions that screen, select, develop, and engage talent worldwide. By uniting the leading psychologists, data scientists, developers, and HR consultants we bring the power of psychology and technology together so you can make the best data-driven people decisions. With more than 30 million assessments delivered each year in more than 50 languages, we help clients discover organizational brilliance.

Our Group

Naman Staffing

Naman Staffing is a dedicated business unit of Naman Group. It provides customised recruitment solutions including Executive Search, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), and Temporary Staffing.

Outbound Guru

Outbound Guru is an outbound program specialist that designs impactful learning experiences to challenge individuals & groups at physical, intellectual, and emotional level. Our strong thrust on processes and values help us SOAR (Safe, Optimistic, Agile, Resilient) by delivering quality with passion & fun for corporates, educational, and non-corporate groups.


Leaad exists at an intersection point of developing leadership capabilities and accomplishing mainstream education goals. Targetted towards high school students, “LEAAD – Leadership Enrichment for Adolescents through Assessment & Development”, uses 4C framework to help students diagnose, develop and demonstrate leadership capabilities.


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    The Great Resignation Survey 2022

    "The Great Resignation." "The Great Reshuffle." "The Great Reprioritization."

    Whatever you call it, the fact is that tens of millions of Indians have quit their jobs in 2021, creating headaches for business leaders, driving wage increases, and putting pressure on HR departments to figure out just what is causing this mass exodus of Employees- and how to curtail it.

    We at Naman HR have been in the human resources profession for over 17 years and were curious to learn more about the challenges and fundamentals of this phenomenon.

    To better understand what’s driving voluntary attrition in the labor market, we conducted a brief survey of employees in the month of February and March 2022 covering 500+ organizations across various industries.

    Explore the report to see the full scope of this important employee data!