Importance of Self-leadership in 2021

For business leaders, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a much severe version of uncertainty in the VUCA world. According to a report by Forbes, more than ever, business health is visibly linked with the health of workforces, the health of our society, and the health of our planet. Previously unimaginable shifts in our daily lives are now compelling companies to adapt quickly and identify creative, unconventional ways to operate, sustain, and somehow survive. Worldwide unpredictability not only in terms of what to expect next but also the lack of clarity of a date when this might get over makes it more difficult for leaders to plan. This is an even bigger crisis for those who like to operate from a place of clarity. The question most leaders are facing, then is, how do we move forward in such uniquely uncertain circumstances?

Positive, effective self-leadership can help one navigate crises, rebuild communities, and forge ahead in moments of ambiguity. But with so many challenges colliding at once, many leaders may be struggling to chart a clear way forward. To counter away from the blues, we curated a list of qualities one must imbibe to be an efficient self-leader.

Here they are-
To start with, according to Jay Earley, a psychologist, and the author of Self-Therapy, the self in self- leadership is like the sun, it just shines. The other qualities however are

Empathy- Psychology today in a recent article rightfully pointed out the importance of empathy in these unprecedented times and the way it differs on an individual and company levels. One needs to be empathetic towards oneself in instances of failed targets or business losses, in addition to having a sympathetic mindset towards employees not being able to meet targets or having low morale, especially in a humanitarian crisis like COVID-19.

Communication- “Communication is the key”, an extremely overused yet undeniably true statement. It has found more profound meaning in recent unprecedented times. Some key aspects of efficient communication are giving people what they need, when they need it, express thoughts frequently and clearly, trust candour over charisma- being honest should be a priority, in addition to distilling meaning from chaos.

Resilience- Resilience does not come easy, but there are ways to cultivate it, even during the COVID 19 pandemic. The first however is the need to acknowledge the distress and validate it. The next steps are fairly simple; you just need to look for the good in adversities. Try to stay away from inflexibility, fatality, and catastrophe.

Managing vulnerabilities- Vulnerability is the core of shame, fear, and our struggle for worthiness, but it also is the birthplace of joy, creativity, and that of love. Managing vulnerability is essential and it makes sure one always puts their best foot forward and brings out the best in themselves and in others.

With self-leadership, we place authority within ourselves instead of putting it on another person or institution. This is especially important during these times when almost nothing feels alright. Times are gloomy, saddening, and unpredictable making it very difficult for many to work, hindering the regular sequential steps of assignment, briefing, follow-up, and re-evaluation, thus establishing self- leadership as the most important trait. The transition however does require one to trust their inner instincts and always stay motivated, driven, and focussed.

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