Last 100 Rs..

The app in my mobile was showing no cab for last 10 minutes and as a last resort, I reluctantly stopped a rick to go home. Reluctant, as I was aware of the fact that I have last 100 Rs. in my wallet and fare would be more than 100. I sat in a rick and opened my cards ‘bhaiya, I have Rs.100 and you can drop me, when meter shows 100 or give me change of Rs.2000.

Either my honesty or his belief (whatever is greater) the driver said “Madam, it’s ok, even if you don’t pay me. Aapko pata hai, ye sab hamare bhale ke liye hi ho raha hai, bas thode dino ki taklif hai!!”

Was surprised to hear his positivity and the readiness to sacrifice his hard earned money for a change unexplained to many! As expected the consultant in me started analyzing his behaviour.

It is a classic example of VUCA world; an acronym stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, commonly used to describe business scenarios! Till 8th November midnight our prized possessions of five hundreds and thousands were suddenly of no use and more over it brought varied apprehensions and speculations around us.

In all this chaos how this behaviour of rick driver can be explained who showed unflinching faith and conviction to extend his unconditional support! For sure this driver doesn’t even know the term Demonetization nor heard Arnab’s show to hear different perspectives! Never met the man behind this decision but experienced his intentions by his actions.

Don’t organisations face VUCA day in and day out? Change in leadership (From one nationality to another), decisions to withdraw pillar brands or products, stringent guidelines, delayed projects and much more beyond our imagination.

To sail through such tough times, organisations need capable and competent leaders who can create credibility through their actions and can influence larger audience to accept change. So can we train leaders to enhance their influencing skills and thus generate trust amongst people to believe light at the end of the tunnel?

I agree that long queues outside ATMs and banks are considerably reduced and very soon it will be a forgotten matter!

Let’s learn from this that any change takes time and keeping patience is still not out of fashion!

Dr. Supriya Dhongde

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