Let us celebrate the uncelebrated – HR shaping the new future

It is said, “One should celebrate everything he or she wants to see more of”, but have you ever seen an HR professional at work? They are just as enthusiastic about any employee’s success as they are for themselves and that makes them the real leaders of tomorrow.

But do leaders have a JD?

Today, on International Human Resource day, we are celebrating the wins of our vertical head, Mrs.
Shruti Nayak. She is one of the most experienced and talented members of our family here at

We got the opportunity to discuss the key aspects of being an HR leader in this technology oriented, ever changing world and here are few factors that she enlisted: –

♦ Patience: Great things happen to those who can wait for their time to succeed, making sure they have the right attitude towards life always putting their best foot forward, and never leaving the accelerator. One should never stop working hard but it is very important to understand that everything happens at the time it should, and external interference can only
cause sadness and a feeling of discontent.

♦ Conscientiousness: The awakening of consciousness is the next evolutionary step for mankind. It is very important to be aware of one’s actions because as a leader, there is always someone watching and perceiving you as their role model. Making sure everything you do is going to impact someone, it is crucial to ensure a positive impact on everyone you meet.

♦ Communication: Clear articulation, not only communication is necessary to ensure great business. Be bold, be clear, and get to the point right away. Talking business is different from regular conversations, it is an art and can be mastered only with time.

♦ Accountability: ‘My development is My Responsibility.’ Accountability at every level is crucial and leadership begins at the top. In abstract terms, accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result. Steve Jobs once said, ‘‘top management is accountable for everything, excuses are made only by those who never succeed’’.

♦ Stress Management Stress management is like life management, you manage your stress, your life will thank you for it. Learned the value of getting neutralised fast and not carrying forward the past issues after all it’s not the load that breaks you, it’s the way you handle it.

♦ Being Knowledgeable Every day I am learning new things, I keep in mind, I do not have all the answers, but I do know, that the best solutions are found by listening to people.

But one thing, she learned a little later in life, when she became a mother was from her gynaecologist, Dr. Praveen Bopaiah- “if you want your child to grow, then you will have to grow as well, his growth is directly proportional to your growth”.

Your business is exactly like your baby; the HR is the mother to that baby, whose role is beyond just paying salaries and organizing Diwali parties.

They help build trust, create an inclusive network, foster a sustainable business, embed a culture of workplace well-being, and ensure diversity and equality in staffing.

They are leaders who help build leaders, so today, go acknowledge your HR, thank them for their
job, and wish them a very happy, “International HR day”.

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