The Future of Recruitment: During and after the pandemic

The pandemic has changed the way for hiring candidates. Recruiters are expected to answer questions
on the company’s diversity as it is no longer a feel-good “initiative” but a business-critical imperative. They are required to gravitate their decision not towards who they like but who adds value to the organization. To reduce some problems of the recruiters, companies have started restructuring the hiring process to reduce the bias.

In the hiring process, HR leaders are presented with incomplete data about the applicant. The decisions made with very little information may lead the result to be biased/incorrect. By not being aware of the influence that bias has on us all, managers risk making recruitment mistakes, including poor hiring decisions, wasted investment in training, low productivity, costly hiring and even the need to carry out dismissal procedures.

The best way to overcome the influence of biases is to follow a structured & objective hiring process. One such way to overcome these challenges is having Psychometric Assessments as one of the tools in the hiring process like 16pf®. It is a standardized personality assessment tool that is used to measure sixteen factors that form one’s personality. It helps to predict their behaviour in the work environment.

It has various usages/applications like employee recruitment and selection, career guidance, leadership development, and team building. 16pf®’s psychometric qualities with reliability and validity increase the confidence of the recruiter to use it. These qualities become essential while choosing the right candidate for the job.

So, how does 16pf® make the process simpler for the recruiters ?

The recruiters can acquire details on how a person behaves by asking them to take a 16pf® (Sixteen
Personality Factor Questionnaire) assessment. It provides them with more detailed information about the candidate hence helping them to make a better hiring decision. It gives them proper guidance on how to select the candidate without being biased. It selects the candidate keeping in mind their work behaviour and who will be a better fit. This will assist in having a more informed interview process. This assessment is found to be beneficial while hiring new staff and it makes the process simpler.

HRs digital transformation is happening today, and leaders must embrace it or risk falling behind. The focus at the onset of 2020 was digitizing the experience, but as we look ahead, the focus will shift towards a greater reliance on technology to deliver these experiences.

The pandemic has changed the dynamics of the recruiting process. By getting the right tools in place now, companies can make the post-COVID-19 transition easier, especially as hiring slows in some industries and picks up in others. Those organizations that take the time to employ digital hiring tactics today will be better positioned, more organized, and in sync for tomorrow when the hiring resurgence occurs.

Our organization provides help in making the hiring decisions more objective by incorporating a 16pf® assessment in their recruitment journey. To know more about our services and benefits, please click on the link below:

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