Thriving in the Face of Setbacks with Resilience

The modern workplace is a battlefield of constant challenges, testing the potential of both employees and employers. As organizations strive to manage one, another emerges on the horizon, leaving a profound impact on the inner struggles of the workforce. Eventually, their ability to transition from one challenge to the next becomes increasingly difficult, as the trauma of past setbacks lingers.

According to recent findings, a striking 86% of resilient employees possess high levels of motivation, while only 44% of non-resilient employees share the same level of motivation. These statistics highlight the fragility of organizations, with just 30% of employees currently demonstrating resilience. In light of this, organizations face a crucial choice: either create an environment devoid of complexity or focus on ensuring their workforce becomes resilient to stand tall even in setbacks. However, the question remains: where should organizations begin this transformative journey?

To overcome this thought, we sought insights from renowned HR leaders, CEOs, and managers to share their wisdom on strategies to build upon employees’ resilience and overcome setbacks.

1. Introduce Mindfulness Training :

Tarun Saha, Co-founder and CEO of StallionZo mentions, Mindfulness training involves teaching employees to be present and non-judgmental in their thoughts and emotions. This practice helps employees build self-awareness, increase focus, and reduce stress.

“By incorporating mindfulness into the work routine, employees can learn to respond to situations with a clear and calm mind, building resilience, and improving their mental well-being. For implementation, HR leaders can offer training programs and provide resources for regular practices and techniques. This will lead to a positive impact on the overall productivity and success of the organization.”

2. Provide Access to Mental Health Services :

Michael Alexis, CEO of, advocates for providing access to mental health services, such as on-site counseling, peer support groups, or online resources, aiming to eliminate obstacles and facilitate prompt and affordable treatment.

He explained his perspective via an effective example, the introduction of mobile cognitive behavioral therapy via text messaging, which can demonstrate significant stress reduction in the workplace. He mentions, “It offers remote access to individuals who may find it challenging to leave the workplace, bridging the gap between traditional therapy methods and the need for comprehensive support.”

3. Implement Incentive-Based Coaching Programs :

A forward-thinking strategy that can be implemented is providing access to external resources like incentive-based coaching programs, highlighted by Carly Hill, Operations Manager, Virtual Holiday Party. She explains these types of initiatives motivate employees with reward systems, creating a more positive approach to address any struggles experienced by them.

She further states, “Through these programs, external coaches can offer personalized guidance that spans motivational support as well as cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. This empowers individuals to effectively manage stress levels, and address triggering events in an evidence-based manner while gaining insights into better-coping mechanisms along the way.”

4. Stay Composed and Compassionate :

Aleksandar Ginovski, a Career Expert, Resume Expert, and Product Manager at Enhancv emphasizes that organizational success requires a balance between work and interpersonal conflicts. He explains, “If a coworker or superior has a different opinion on problem-solving approaches, chances are high that the two of them can come to an agreement through the normal channels of discussion and debate. Staying composed allows us to solve half of the problem right away. Adding fuel to someone else’s anger will not come out as productive, as clarifying the fact can extinguish flames and prevent further escalation.”

5. Promote a Growth Mindset Culture :

As a CEO and Founder of Breadnbeyond, Andre Oentoro, believes in promoting a growth mindset culture to build resilience among its workforce. He mentions, “We believe that setbacks are not the end of the road but opportunities for growth. We’ve got our incredible HR team, offering resources, training programs, and support to help everyone develop their resilience muscles. We encourage learning from mistakes and turning them into valuable lessons.”

Additionally, he mentions how mentorship programs and regular check-ins can provide guidance and a shoulder to lean on when things get tough.

6. Innovation To Step out of Comfort zone :

Sudhir Kulkarni, Senior Advisor at NamanHR emphasizes on a critical step for organizations to unlock the secret of resilience. He mentions, “Fostering risk-taking capabilities encourages employees to explore innovative options for current and emerging situations, with an assurance that genuine mistakes are welcomed and not held against them.” To further translate this intent, he proposes (to conduct) monthly innovation meetings where employees present their creative changes and improvements, including failed attempts with valuable learning outcomes.

This approach instills courage by eliminating the fear of only succeeding and the potential shame of failure, cultivating resilience to face present and future challenges.

Resilience Posses No Expiry :

In the face of recurring disruptions, organizations that embrace agility, walk the talk, and promote resilience have found the winning formula for success. Companies with visionary leadership perceive disruptions as opportunities to drive positive changes in their business operations. However, for those still striving to integrate resilience into their core, NamanHR stands ready to unlock their potential, seize opportunities, and guide them toward success, filling their proverbial glass to the brim.

NamanHR empowers organizations to foster employee growth and self-belief through the Courage of Conviction and Values. NamanHR facilitates organizations to enable their employees to discover themselves and grow to their fullest, believing in themselves through the bedrock Courage of Conviction and Values. Over the last few years, we have delivered tailored solutions to foster overall growth, guided by the ISAAC Model i.e., Innovation, Speed, Assertion, Agility, and Collaboration to co-create leadership strategies and deliver impactful interventions. With offerings like Leadership Development (BOLT®) , Resilience Questionnaire, Strengths-Based Coaching, Performance Planning Architecture, OD Interventions, Culture Building, Feedback Speaks and many others, we have consistently helped individuals and organizations unleash their true potential at the desired time and in the intended manner, for sustainable success.

Reach out to our team of experts now to find out if your employees’ resilience power is adequate to power them to propel the organization to the future destination – their Al-Dorado.

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