Workplace Trends 2022: The Age Of Employees Is Here

They will have to ensure this experience of truth is provided to even interns, as this new generation is more likely to rely on the experience of their peers.

To attract and retain Gen Z, HR leaders will have to catalyse a genuine culture of greatness at the workplace rather than just labels and brands.

  1. “ 2022 cannot sustain more e-learning and engagement due to fatigue of ……”
  2. “2022 will witness not just a great resignation time, but great revolt time. Wage differential amongst CEOs and Individual contributors will have to be narrowed down if we want to see manageable revolts.”
  3. “2022 will see reemergence of the importance of Talent Acquisition Role. They will command the highest salary jump amongst all the HR roles.”
  4. “2022 could have phenomena of staggering Offer Decline Ratio spreading from just IT and Healthcare sectors as to all other sectors.”
  5. “2022 will fuel your A Players / Star Performers quitting jobs for start-ups.”
  6. “Next year’s ASK will be about employees needing genuine experience at their virtual or physical Place of work rather than illusions created by optics displayed in the company corridors to build employer brand.”

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