HR trends 2020: What to expect

As we mark the beginni
AI in People management practices: Future Prediction
Artificial intelligence has evolved as one of the essential technologies of the
CII Award in Change Management
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image="1917" img_size="large" alignment="center" style="vc_box_border"][vc_column_text]Fast growing HR consulting firm, Naman triumphs at the prestigious CII National HR Circle Competition 2018Naman Integrated Management Services Private Limit
The Mini Me Syndrome
We all think that we are fair and objective. But the truth is we are governed by our biases and we as humans are inherently biased. The only difference is some people are biased consciously whereas some are subconsciously biased.There is an unconscious instinct for us all to favour those who rem
Bullet Points
Venue: Mount Abu, India Event: Outbound Leadership Training Activity: Rock Climbing and Rappelling Height: 40 Feet Granite Slab Target Achieved: YesAfter reading these bullet points I am sure we all can understand the story and its outcome, life would have been very boring and dull if we wil
My Journey with Mr. Ratan Tata
Dear Friends,This is my first blog.Thanks to my association with various professional and not-for-profit organizations, I get opportunities to interact with many luminaries. I normally do not write or publish about those opportunities.However, today when I received several birthday wishe
Alignment in Leadership for Successful Change Management
Yesterday I was waiting at the traffic signal where I saw a mother, her son and daughter next to me on a two wheeler.Red light turned into yellow and mother started driving. Immediately the son said “No mom, you cannot start driving until you see the yellow light turned into green. The small
Last 100 Rs..
The app in my mobile was showing no cab for last 10 minutes and as a last resort, I reluctantly stopped a rick to go home. Reluctant, as I was aware of the fact that I have last 100 Rs. in my wallet and fare would be more than 100. I sat in a rick and opened my cards ‘bhaiya, I have Rs.100 and yo