Business Issue In today's competitive environment, when companies have to closely monitor costs and improve efficiency, competencies of their Managers and key employees are critical not only for obtaining competitive advantage, but also to survive. This German Engineering firm, therefore, considered it necessary to undertake a developmental intervention for enhancing leadership capabilities of their second line leaders and align them towards organization's Global Competencies. Solution For 31 managers identified across functions, NAMAN designed an intervention which was executed in 3 different phases. The first phase consisted of various psychometric tests and other tools to help participants become self-aware about own behaviors. The second phase included various approaches like in-house training programs focusing on various competencies, projects and coaching sessions to help participants develop various leadership capabilities. And the last phase paved a structured path for the participants to sustain own development and growth. Result The journey of intervention helped participants to be more customers centric and it reinforced towards enhancing internal and external customer satisfaction. The intervention helped participants realize importance of being conscious about own behavior and its impact on team members as a leader. Various approaches helped participants develop collaborative team environment. The
Business Issue In 2013, this pharma major decided to enter the Indian market and take over operations from its distributor managed operations. The change in leadership and company policy created a significant gap in Salesforce expectations, not only in terms of goals, but also conduct. Audits of the Salesforce showed that many were conducting aspects of their business in a non-compliant way with further investigation proving that most of them did not know that there was any other way to business. With this situation, management felt the need to address these issues with the Salesforce to help them adopt and inculcate a culture of integrity and honesty. Solution After conducting multiple diagnostic interviews and reviewing internal policies, NAMAN proposed a multi-faceted solution that involved leadership interaction with the employees, face-to-face training with the entire team at the senior most level to entry-level, emphasis on mission and value statements to align the Salesforce and other employees with the big picture, marketing and branding the compliance team to make the Salesforce feel more comfortable with them and opportunities for feedback to the Compliance, Leadership and other teams to communicate their needs from them so that they can do their jobs more effectively in the framework required by the pharma major. E-Learning Modules were also developed for continuing education. Entire intervention was purely role-play based with hundreds of touch points from day to day work life being captured & discussed. Result The Company observed that per unit monetary value of non-compliant behavior went down by nearly 10 times and most cases of favors being extended had disappeared. It was also noted that there was improvement in communication between Compliance and Sales and other departments. Willingness to speak-up to managers when non-compliant behavior was being observed was also developed.
Business Issue A global pharmaceutical company with about 100,000 employees needed to commence a developmental initiative for its sales executives to help them be adept at demonstrating the behaviours guided by 4 differentiating competencies identified by company. Solution The organization wanted the initiative to be a strengths based self-development journey where participants would be able to reflect and strengthen their talents with an overall aim of improving their performance. NAMAN designed an intervention to address the 4 competencies using a strength based developmental approach. This intervention involved unique dovetailing of competencies, strengths, self-reflection and behavioral facilitation. Results The intervention helped in the overall growth and development of sales executives at the company. A notable change in employees' approach to work and their interpersonal relationships were also recorded. Few of the leading portfolios also touched the sales landmark of INR 100 Cr each.


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    The Great Resignation Survey 2022

    "The Great Resignation." "The Great Reshuffle." "The Great Reprioritization."

    Whatever you call it, the fact is that tens of millions of Indians have quit their jobs in 2021, creating headaches for business leaders, driving wage increases, and putting pressure on HR departments to figure out just what is causing this mass exodus of Employees- and how to curtail it.

    We at Naman HR have been in the human resources profession for over 17 years and were curious to learn more about the challenges and fundamentals of this phenomenon.

    To better understand what’s driving voluntary attrition in the labor market, we conducted a brief survey of employees in the month of February and March 2022 covering 500+ organizations across various industries.

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