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360° feedback & Psychometric Profiling

Psychometric Tests are administered to assess knowledge, abilities, attitudes or personality traits of an
individual. Their varied usage spreads across corporates, educational institutions and other organizations.


We have our very own online system to capture a 360° feedback. Through this feedback system, employees receive confidential and anonymous feedback from the people who work with them. The system also supports capturing the responses for individuals, teams or the entire organization against specified Competencies.

1 Areas of Impact
  • Selection of right candidates
  • Managing promotions
  • Succession planning
  • Career planning & development
  • Identifying strengths & developmental areas
  • Assimilate and analyze behavioral feedback of an individual from superiors, peers, direct reportees and other key stakeholders
  • In-house team of expert and qualified psychologists certified to use various standardized psychometric tests
  • Assessed 15,000+ professionals
  • Customized 360° feedback surveys and reports through our own platform
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