Gain 360-Degree Insight Into Individual and Team Performance

Almost two-thirds of managers wish they had a better way to collect feedback from their team and peers (Betterworks).

The above statistics gives a grim picture of how short-sighted the typical performance review is and there is so much more it needs to achieve. The typical performance review structure is based on two models – the downward feedback model and upward feedback model.

The downward feedback model addresses work behaviour and performance delivered by supervisory staff or management to subordinates. This approach has no subordinate or lateral evaluation. On the other hand, upward feedback is conducted by subordinates and delivered to supervisory staff or management. Though these models garner some information on work performance, they are generally short-sighted and one dimensional.

Naman believes that a 360-degree feedback has a sustainable impact on the organization, and also addresses the gaps in performance reviews. The 360° feedback model can bring about a broad, multi-dimensional scope to the review table.

360° Feedback Overview

The 360° feedback or psychometrics 360 assessment is a straightforward, intuitive multi-source feedback model that allows you to identify key strengths and developmental needs. In a 360° feedback system, an individual receives feedback from multiple sources such as colleagues, subordinates, superiors, supervisors, and even customers, who regularly interact with the person being reviewed. The objective of 360° feedback is to provide feedback on performance behaviours, potential and outcomes while identifying and establishing development goals.

Benefits of 360° Feedback

When you implement 360° feedback, your organization can realize many valuable benefits. Some of them include:

  • Cultivates a learning culture built on trust & transparency
  • Gives insight into performance development needs
  • Manages employee succession and talent pools
  • Helps in performance coaching
  • Improves management development programmes and team building events

Naman’s Framework

Naman has its very own online system to capture 360° feedback. Our 360° feedback system is a powerful performance feedback tool that uses psychometric tests to collate opinions about an individual’s performance from a wide range of sources, including peers, senior management, direct reports, subordinates, and sometimes even from people outside the organization who are key stakeholders like customers. This allows the procurement of feedback from various viewpoints at several different levels.

Naman’s 360° feedback model administers Psychometric Tests to assess the knowledge, abilities, attitudes or personality traits of an individual. Its usage is not restricted to organizations alone; it has spread to corporates and educational institutions too.

The system allows capturing perception and highlighting perception gaps around key development areas while maintaining high-level of confidentiality.

The 360° feedback reports can be interpreted to give you insights on the following aspects to easily recognize key gaps and take actionable steps for growth:

Our Approach

  • Stage 1: Prepare

    Our team of psychologists and experienced consultants develop customized questionnaires and report formats and do pre-survey group orientation.

  • Stage 2: Map

    We map the organization’s needs and challenges to contextualize the 360° feedback tool.

  • Stage 3: Assess

    The 360° feedback system anonymously captures the responses for individuals, teams or the entire organization and assess them against specified competencies.

  • Stage 4: Report

    We create reports that comprise insights about individual’s management style and feedback for working on areas of development.

360° feedback system is a powerful addition to your organization’s performance management system. 90% of all Fortune 500 companies use it to get a holistic review of their employees. It’s time your organization adopts it too. Get in touch with NamanHR today.

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