Employee Engagement Survey

An engaged workforce is indicative of your organisation’s current health and future potential.

That’s why we measure it only through method-driven, empirical surveys.

Employee Engagement is not fluff.

It’s a tangible metric that defines how hand-in-glove your workforce and your business goals are. Engaged employees have a holistic view of the organisation, they understand their role, where they fit in, and how they contribute.

In other words, employee engagement is your employee’s emotional commitment; it is the desire in an employee to give their best at work – each day, every day.

Why should organisations measure employee engagement?

  • engagement scores are directly correlated to business parameters like sales, turnover, and productivity
  • Engagement scores also act as lead indicators for the effectiveness talent-related metrics and processes like employee retention, potential, and succession planning
  • Assessing engagement enables you to take action to impact performance across the organisation at a much larger scale
  • Timely assessment of employee feedback gives you an opportunity to course-correct and re-engage unhappy employees and avoiding the longer, more expensive route of hiring new employees

Businesses that build high levels of employee engagement and belongingness see long-term success.
Discover where your engagement is and where you should invest to enhance it.

How does engagement get measured?

An employee engagement survey is conducted on a quarterly, 6-monthly, or annual basis covering all employees. A scientifically-designed survey is designed on the basis of ‘engagement drivers’ that you consider most critical to your organisation. These may include:

  • Physical environment (safety/comfort)
  • Availability of timely training for current responsibilities
  • Support from internal stakeholders (leaders, peers, support functions)
  • Infrastructural support needed for high performance
  • Teamwork and belongingness

The survey is designed such that it helps you capture current engagement trends and establish benchmarks for tracking nuances over time.

A comprehensive survey gives you an insight into ‘promoters’ and ‘distractors’ of engagement.

Once the survey responses are collated, the resulting analysis and report will classify perceived presence and absence of engagement drivers so that you know your Area of Immediate Actions, Area of Concern, as well as your Comfort Zone.

The report runs into volumes of intelligibly presented data that fuels important talent management related decisions.

The frequency and decision to include every single employee or specific groups is usually determined on the basis of the objective we wish to drive. For instance, if the annual employee engagement survey reveals a glaring disconnect within a certain geography or function, the next quarterly survey may be best administered within that geography instead of the entire organisation.

Measuring your employee engagement is the single most proactive measure you that you can take to retain and groom your high performers.
Where should you start?

Our Approach

  • Stage 1:


    Understand organisational goals, systems, processes, and current HR practices

  • Stage 2:

    Qualitative data & tool development

    Conduct interviews and FGDs with stakeholders to collate & analyse data; utilise findings to develop relevant tools and customized questionnaire

  • Stage 3:

    Tool administration

    Administer tools online (www.nimsplsurvey.com) or paper pencil in multiple global languages as needed

  • Stage 4:

    Analysis & report

    Collate & analyse quantitative data on the basis of identified engagement drivers; Share findings in a holistic report capturing findings at varied levels

To get the most out of an employee engagement survey, you’ll need a tool that asks the right questions at the right time.
We utilize a combination of survey tools to structure the one that’s aligned with your goals and engagement drivers.


Can I get a comparative report from a previous survey done?

Yes, we can do a comparative study on key elements which were used in the previous survey.

Apart from the Standard Questionnaire can we add customized questions as per our organisation need?

Yes, we can incorporate customized questions.

In how many languages can the survey be conducted?

We can conduct survey is all languages across the Globe.

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