HR Advisory

Strategizing, Designing, Executing HR practices

that is what we’ve been doing since our inception in 2004.

Rely on us to streamline your HR function so that you can focus on growing your business.

Human Resource (HR) Advisory or Human Capital Management (HCM)

includes advisory and implementation activities related to the management of your human capital and HR function. At a generic level, the scope of HR Advisory services may range from – but are not limited to:

over-arching work on human capital strategy and philosophy

  • establishing the HR function and designing essential policies from scratch
  • transforming the HR function to support an org-level change and align everyday HR to business objectives
  • deploying HR Analytics and HR Technology

designing efficient HR processes and procedures

  • ensuring statutory compliances
  • auditing HR processes and systems
  • designing efficient processes that positively impact performance, potential, and culture
  • best practice benchmarking

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Our Offerings

Why it makes sense for businesses to outsource HR activities?

From Gen Zs to Big Data to the pandemic – there have been a million triggers that have nudged the HR function. It’s modern avatar is a far cry from its 20th c., bureaucratic version that had precious little to do with core business. Today, it’s a complex and integral enabler of business growth.

Relying on external HR experts, who are also an impartial third party, ensures you:

  • bring in global best practices and are not constrained by the experiences of your internal team
  • direct your focus to weaving the best-in-class HR practices with the unique context of your business
  • gather candid feedback from employees through one-on-ones and surveys to align the HR function to real employee and business needs

The NamanHR Advantage

Specialised practices for HR functions like Compensation and Benefits, Performance Management, Learning & Development and more enable Team NamanHR to:

  • leverage core industry specialists from across the world
  • power your internal HR practices through cutting-edge Analytics and Technology
  • curate the most time, effort, cost-effective HR solutions

Our Key Offerings

  • Diagnostic studies
  • Talent acquisition
  • Induction and training
  • Culture building
  • Creating a robust HR architecture involving policies, procedures and SOPs
  • HR audits and health checks

It’s time HR leaders utilise right partners and technology to free up their calendar from administrative tasks. It’s time they become enablers of business growth. Where to start?