Learning and Development Workshops

Investment in employee Learning and Development is investment in your organization’s success.

At NamanHR, we help you become future ready by weaving your learning with business goals.

Learning & Development

In the commonly used term – Learning & Development – the word Learning aids employees in gaining relevant knowledge and skills to improve performance in current roles. Development, however, is a more expansive exercise. It focuses on employee growth and future performance. Together, Learning and Development is a potent formula for business success.

While some organizations view learning interventions as cost, there are successful business leaders across decades who have exhorted ‘ignore investing in your human capital at your own peril’.

“The only worse thing than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” – Henry Ford

Why so?

Zooming in on today’s corporate environment, we’d agree that the battle for staying profitable and being at the top has intensified. organizations need to learn fast and collectively to adapt and gain the much-needed competitive edge. They need their workforce to be agile, multi-skilled, and multidimensional. A factory supervisor has to know how to lead people, not just operate machines. A customer care manager has to understand the dynamics of cost and industry standards.

These are all acquired abilities. Some developed while on the job. Some developed through support from mentors and coaches. Learning and Development workshops ensure that developing these abilities is not left to chance. Structured, thought-out, proven learning designs are used to lend speed, standardization, and effectiveness to this process.

A skilled workforce ensures your organization is ready to address the inevitable disruption our times bring.

Make upskilling employees – in ways that truly matter – a priority.

Advantages of Focusing on Learning and Development


Increase in productivity & performance

Keeps employees abreast of new technologies and skills to improve performance


Enhanced employee potential

Provides a catalytic platform to explore, share ideas, and discover. Thereby, building opportunities to develop potential for diverse, complex, and / or future needs.



Empowers employees with skills and learning to overcome their shortcomings, performance gaps, and consequently to address tasks independently


Reduced employee turnover

Investment in employee growth and development instils belongingness and long term engagement; employees are drawn to reward the organizational with their best

At NamanHR we specialize in facilitating impactful learning and development solutions.

Let’s connect to identify what your organization needs today.

The NamanHR Advantage

With facilitators and learning specialists present across the globe, we work with organizations of all sizes and nature. We engage with business leaders to understand their goals and vision to help build an integrated business strategy with learning at its helm.

  • A mature understanding of existing L&D approaches and their shortcomings
  • Competency-focused training delivery models
  • Balanced mix of technology, behavioural tools, and science of instructional designing

We combine these factors to create unique, customized roadmaps for each identified role such that they improve their performance today and enhance their potential for tomorrow.

We start our approach with diagnosis of the needs, business dynamics, and take this journey all the way to the end to evaluate effectiveness of solutions. We seek and ensure tangible benefits to individuals and organizations. This means we work with you to identify means for measuring the most complex, intangible elements of your workforce.

Our Approach

Some of the key elements that differentiate Learning & Development workshops at NamanHR include

  • Stage 1

    Immersive Learning Framework

    From stand-alone programs that address immediate needs, to strategic interventions that work with your business goals over a long period - all workshops are designed using a highly experiential approach. This secures participants’ buy-in and builds lasting change

  • Stage 2

    Customized Simulation Exercises

    We design customized simulation exercises to help employees experience real-world challenges and therefore reduce the gap between what happens in the classroom and outside

  • Stage 3

    Case Studies

    Our team invests copious number of hours in understanding your organization and industry to design comprehensive case studies that compel participants to analyse, assimilate, think laterally

  • Stage 4


    A hugely under-rated aspect of adult-learning is self-reflection under right cues and environment. Our programs create vast scope for self-reflection such that participants walk out with a renewed sense of clarity on WHAT-WHY-HOW about the skill under focus

  • Stage 5


    Measuring skills and behaviours is complex, not impossible. We work with you to identify the best way of measuring your ROI on the learning spend.

To amplify the effectiveness of your Learning and Development workshops today


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