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PSI Service LLC is the world leader in Talent Measurement & the fastest growing global assessment solutions company. They provide the widest range of assessments from leading publishers all under one roof and deliver nearly 13 million assessments each year.


16pf® which is a personality factor questionnaire is developed by Dr. Raymond Cattell in 1949. It is a standardized personality test that measures 16 primary personality factors and 5 global personality factors. It is available online in 20+ languages.


We are the exclusive PSI India partners to conduct internationally recognized 16pf® certifications. We also offer our clients online 16pf® assessment and system generated standardized reports that cater to various organizational requirements like Hiring, Promotion, Succession Planning, Outplacement, HiPo Identification, Management Potential, Individual Development, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching to name a few. Our customized reports are developed by in-house 16pf® certified practitioners.

1 Areas of Impact
  • Hire right talent
  • Reduce time & cost of re-hiring
  • Assess culture-person job fitment
  • Identify high potential employees
  • Fair Promotion
  • Identify training needs
  • Competency measurement
  • Facilitate leadership & competency development
  • Partners with PSI, world Leader in Talent Measurement
  • 10+ in-house 16pf® certified practitioners
  • 5 in-house Master Trainers equipped to provide internationally recognized 16pf® certification
  • Assessed 7200+ professionals across multiple organizations and levels using the 16pf® tool for varied purposes