Assess Talent Virtually, Rapidly and Accurately

With the emergence and rapid adoption of digital technologies, it is now become more than important for organization to keep up with this changing environment and evolve into a successful business. Organization are now understanding the prominence of its people as one of the key pillars to execute their strategy.

Naman believes that organizations need more agile and dynamic people, and that true value of professional development comes from strategic self-awareness.

As the industry-leading expert, we have partnered with PSI, a world leader in talent measurement & the fastest growing global assessment solutions company to provide VirtualAC™, a powerful behavioural assessment tool used for selecting and developing leaders or high potential talent.

What is VirtualAC™

VirtualAC™ is a high impact interactive business-like online desktop environment assessment tool. It provides a wide range of activities viz. situation analysis, inbox and day in the life, suitable for different levels of participants and competencies.

Why Consider VirtualAC™ for Your Organization’s Hiring and Development Needs?

Here is why you should use VirtualAC™:


    Saves Time and Money

    You can easily administer exercise and quickly capture results. Due to its automation capabilities, no manual intervention is needed and hence it saves time and resources


    Offers Convenience and Flexibility

    The assessment tool is highly flexible with no constraints on time and location. That means you can take VirtualACTM at anytime from anywhere.


    Helps in Making High-Quality Decisions

    VirtualACTM puts the participants in realistic challenges. Thus, enabling organization to understand an individual’s competencies to help them make informed decisions.


    Promotes Fair Opportunity

    Participants get a fair opportunity to display their skills and the exercise measures job-relevant behaviours and not generic characteristics.


    Promotes Your Employer Brand

    The virtual simulation exercises are highly engaging and provide an immersive assessment experience for the participant thus enhancing organization’s employer brand.


    Helps Improve Performance

    The data collected through these exercises can be scrutinized to reveal patterns, strengths and areas of improvement and these insights can help design a development plan.

Our Offerings

  • Ready-To-Use Virtual Assessments
    The VirtualAC session lasts one hour to one day and it includes exercises like Inbox, Situation Analysis and Role Play.
  • Internationally Recognized Assessor Skill Certification
    Our certified assessors have a vast industry experience to conduct and mark participants using our streamlined marking system.
  • System-Generated Reports
    Our assessors fine-tune the system-generated reports, summarizing the participant’s performance on the exercises upon completion of the simulations.

VirtualAC is one of the top talent management software that will assist you to select the right people and also improve employee performance. To know more, talk to a Naman expert today.