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PSI Service LLC is the world leader in Talent Measurement & the fastest growing global assessment solutions company. They provide the widest range of assessments from leading publishers all under one roof and deliver nearly 13 million assessments each year.


VirtualAC™ simulates a high impact and interactive business like online desktop environment for assessment. It provides selection from a wide range of ready-to-use exercises viz. situation analysis, inbox and day in the life, suitable for different levels of assessees and competencies. It is a powerful behavioral assessment tool for selecting and developing leaders or high potential talent.


Naman offers a one hour to one day, ready-to-use virtual assessments session that includes exercises like Inbox, Situation Analysis and Role Play. In this program, Certified Assessors with vast industry experience conduct & provide internationally recognized Assessor skill certification.

  • Participants and assessor connect virtually
  • In-built algorithm with complete involvement of Trained and Certified Assessors
  • System generated data and analysis fine tuned by Assessors
  • Swift & easy execution through efficient online platform (Apollo)
  • Minimal logistics involved (participants and assessors time, internet enabled system)
  • System generated report that are personalized and quick to process