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3. Talent Management

Establishing HR systems based on global best practices

4. Talent Acquisition

Sourcing the best fit to your business and culture

Naman Lines of Services

From WhatsApp messages to State Heads. We live in a world where everybody is trying to transform and teach.

Why should you, then, choose Naman HR for enhancing Talent capabilities?


We are not engineers, accountants, astronauts attempting to teach you how to run your business.

We don’t claim to know your business nor how it runs.

We do claim to know people. And what makes them run. That’s our expertise. Human behaviour, organisation behaviour, and performance psychology.


We agree all things Talent and HR can get fuzzy.

So, while we scope our work on metrics like numbers of hours or assessments done, we also work with you to define performance goals important to your business.

If that means we spend more hours or run more assessments, we do it. No questions asked. No hidden charges applied. Only value for money delivered.


We know when to use HR technology to lend pace and accuracy and when a bespoke tool is the only way to achieve your goal.

That’s why we blend cutting edge HR technology with expertise of seasoned HR professionals to deliver high-impact, relevant solutions.

Numbers Matter…


Of evolving into a one-stop-shop for world-class Talent Solutions


Professionals who form our team of certified coaches, trainers, & HR leaders

Bringing together wisdom of experience and edge of millennials


Clients across India, EU, UAE, Singapore


Professionals up-skilled globally; that’s 4000+ lives empowered each year

Cross-industry, cross-geography expertise allowing us to bring global best practices to our clients

Strategic International Partnerships

Our Group


Ensuring all your HR needs are addressed with speed, accuracy, and impact under one roof

Quality gives long-term results…

Our team carries some of the most imminent certifications and affiliations within Talent and Organisation Development. This ensures we deploy the most relevant, high-impact tools and practices to help you meet your business goals.

Our clients around the globe…


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    The Great Resignation Survey 2022

    "The Great Resignation." "The Great Reshuffle." "The Great Reprioritization."

    Whatever you call it, the fact is that tens of millions of Indians have quit their jobs in 2021, creating headaches for business leaders, driving wage increases, and putting pressure on HR departments to figure out just what is causing this mass exodus of Employees- and how to curtail it.

    We at Naman HR have been in the human resources profession for over 17 years and were curious to learn more about the challenges and fundamentals of this phenomenon.

    To better understand what’s driving voluntary attrition in the labor market, we conducted a brief survey of employees in the month of February and March 2022 covering 500+ organizations across various industries.

    Explore the report to see the full scope of this important employee data!