Empowering You to Make More Informed Talent Management Decisions.

The key to success in any organization is identifying, developing, and empowering the right people- Craig Groeschel

This insightful quote rightly emphasizes the importance of empowering people to develop their talents, discover their purpose and shake up lives – their own and for the betterment of the organization.

Naman understands that spotting the right talent at various levels/functions and enable their superior performance, is essential to stay successful in an ever evolving and dynamic business world. Therefore, our Assessment and Development Practice incorporates evidence and research-based approach honed through years of our distilled learnings to help organizations in creating a strong people portfolio.

Understanding the Importance
of Assessment & Development Centre

The Assessment & Development Centre assesses and develops employee capability based on a set of identified competencies, so they can help navigate the organization through the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment.

The challenge of finding objective data on people capabilities that can help make informed decisions on talent positioning and growth is no longer associated to the Human resource function but has also dragged business leaders to rethink their strategies. There is now an urgent need for structured and transparent approach to measure the presence of identified competencies, relevant for different roles as feel-based decisions are now a thing for the past. Such an objective process, apart from creating an established and acceptable methodology, also provides a level-playing ground for people in the evaluation process.

Recognizing this sensitivity and need, our Assessment and Development Process is designed based on researched tests and simulation exercises that maps the competencies required for specific roles. The uniqueness of our process is in going beyond, by creating a roadmap for addressing the development needs

Overcome Your Talent Management Challenges

Accurately assessing and developing the competencies of employees/teams delivers a wide range of benefits to your organization:

  • Spots high potentials within the organization
  • Identifies individual strengths and skill gaps
  • Helps create individual development plans
  • Serves as credible basis for career planning
  • Reduces employee turnover and subsequent recruitment costs
  • Enables organization to have Human Capital Bank and periodic Talent Audit for current and future talent needs

Naman’s Framework in Empowering People and Organizations to Achieve Their Potential

Our highly experienced, innovative consultants and subject matter experts closely interact with key stakeholders to understand the objectives of your organization. This equips us to identify areas of focus for sculpting an intervention to address your needs.

Our consultants with their wealth of experience in customizing assessment centres aligned to the carefully mapped competencies, conduct the assessment process designed to evaluate and unlock full potential of your people and organization. Given our bandwidth of certified and trained assessors with exposure to industry-across, are ideally suited to meet the needs of organizations small and big.

Our Approach

Our approach brings together a solid engagement process that goes through various stages of implementation:

  • Stage 1: Preparation

    We hold in-depth dialogue with the leadership team to understand the purpose and context for launching the Assessment/ Development Centres (ADC) and capture their expectations from the proposed intervention. This sets the stage for building a basic approach in understanding various elements like the structure of the organization, inter-relationship of various functions, the hierarchical levels with their roles and responsibilities and more. the content and scope of different role sets and the like.

  • Stage 2: Competency Mapping

    Our subject matter experts through personal interviews and focused group discussions cull out the competencies embedded in superior performance of roles across levels/functions across the organization. The competencies so identified are behaviourally defined and presented to the Process Owner(s) for value addition and ownership.

  • Stage 3: Assessment

    We use a variety of assessment and evaluation tools including aptitude/psychometric tests and simulated exercises that are customized to reflect various aspects of managerial and behavioral competencies, relevant to your organization.

    Tools we utilize:

    • In-basket Exercise
    • Simulation Exercise
    • Case Studies
    • Role Plays
    • Behavioral Event Interview
    • Psychometric Tests
    • Business Presentation
    • Group Discussions
  • Stage 4: Feedback

    The assessment from the battery of exercises by the concerned Assessor or team of Assessors is collated competency-wise and integrated to provide evaluation against each competency and a comprehensive overall competency scorecard is created.

Assessment and Development Interventions directly impact the quality of your people, which in turn brings in the biggest contribution to the organizations’ bottom line. NamanHR can help.

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What is the objective of an Assessment and Development Centre?

The main objective of an Assessment and Development Program is to assess and develop the existing and/or potential competency of individuals to perform in the targeted level/function.

The focus is on systematic and objective identification of individuals’ capabilities for the purposes of placement, selection, development, promotion, succession planning, career management and training.

What kind of tests/exercises are used in Assessment and Development Centre (ADC) and why?

A variety of exercises are used to measure competencies in various situations. Some of the tests/exercises that may be used are as follows:

  • Aptitude tests – to assess the intellectual potential of a candidate
  • Personality questionnaire – to understand the personality and/or motivational drivers.
  • Simulation exercises and role-plays– to measure problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Competency-based interview – to assess specific competencies.

What are the uses of Assessment and Development Centre?

The traditional use of the Assessment Centre/Development Centre includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Identify the potential early
    Assessing and developing potential “highflyers” and motivate them to stay with the organization.
  • Diagnose training and development needs
    Establishing training and development requirements of individuals and providing them the tools required to perform better.
  • Recruitment and promotion
    Assessing the suitability of both internal and external candidates for particular open positions that need to be filled.
  • Organizational planning
    Identifying areas within an organization where skill deficiencies exist, so that consulted action can be taken to bridge the gaps.
  • Organizational development
    Using it as a tool for employee development and team building that may initiate coaching and counselling interactions.