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At NamanHR, we specialize in conducting customized and versatile Assessment and Development Centers that lend precision and effectiveness to your Talent Development practices.

The Assessment Center & Development Center (AC/DC)

assesses employee capability using multiple techniques like simulation, psychometric test, and exercises for a variety of human resource activities including recruitment, selection, promotion, training and development, succession planning, and more.

An Assessment Center is different from a Development Center in HRM. You may use one of the two tools depending on your goal.

Assessment Center

  • intent is to assess or ‘TEST’ an individual on identified competencies
  • findings are used to take a selection or elimination decision

Development Center

  • assesses an employee but with an intent to identify strengths and development needs
  • findings are used to design a detailed, personalized development plan

Assessment and Development Centers are amongst the most objective and accurate methods of identifying managerial and leadership competence.

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Some of the frequently seen advantages are:

  • by combining conventional sources like CVs, interviews, and performance appraisals with assessment centers, it provides access to talent information (strengths and weaknesses) that would otherwise remain hidden. This leads to the selection of the most qualified candidates for the job.
  • employees readily embrace feedback as they perceive development centers as non-threatening and unbiased, due to their transparent nature.
  • provide an opportunity for line managers to actively engage in continuous development on the ground.
  • unveils strengths, identifies improvement areas, and enables targeted training interventions for impactful growth.
  • cater to the specific requirements of individuals and teams, resulting in enhanced performance and increased productivity.
  • aligns training programs with specific needs, maximizing the return on investment.
  • promotes collaboration and peer learning opportunities, creating a learning oriented culture.
  • enhances self awareness, self acceptance and actions for development, helping employees in elevating their performance levels.
  • nurture the leaders to be, with essential skills and competencies, ensuring effective decision-making and organizational success.

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5 key questions to ascertain the need of an assessment and development center in your organization:

  • Is accurately assessing and comparing employee skills to your job requirements a challenge?
  • Do your employees lack clear paths for career development due to unclear skill needs?
  • Are low levels of self-awareness holding your employees back from reaching their full potential?
  • Is the gap between your talent pipeline and strategic goals causing productivity issues?
  • Is closed-mindedness to feedback hindering employee growth and alignment with goals?

What is the purpose of employing an assessment and development center?

Purposes of Assessment Center Purposes of Development Center
Planning for succession Enhancing strategic talent management processes
Identifying potential Cultivating leadership skills
Gauge candidate fitment Developing and improving competencies
Candidate development Skilling and Upskilling interventions
Identifying training needs HiPo identification

Often, organizations make choices between assessment and development centers to address their specific needs. The real power lies in their combined utilization, presenting a unique opportunity to align current performance seamlessly with future goals.

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The NamanHR Advantage

Having assessed nearly 7000 individuals worldwide, we can certainly boast of our expertise in this space.

We engage closely with you to understand business objectives and then align every element to your competencies and established goals. Our team of certified assessors and experts is trained to deploy a variety of assessment tools ranging from –

  • simulations designed to imitate real life environment of your organization
  • business cases
  • live role plays
  • behavioural interviews
  • psychometrics
  • in-basket and fact-finding exercises
  • presentations

Our Approach

  • Stage 1


    Understand the purpose, context, and business objectives

  • Stage 2

    Competency Mapping

    Carve out essential competencies through personal interviews, focused group discussions, and validations from business/process owner(s)

  • Stage 3


    Assessors observe candidates in multiple simulations. Behavioural observations are systematically integrated to arrive at performance scores

  • Stage 4


    Findings compiled in a score card that outlines feedback and actionable

The evidence and research based approach of Assessment and Development Center at NamanHR has empowered clients to develop some of their most transformational leaders.

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What is the objective of an Assessment and Development Center?

The main objective of an Assessment and Development Program is to assess and develop the existing and/or potential competency of individuals to perform in the targeted level/function.

The focus is on systematic and objective identification of individuals’ capabilities for the purposes of placement, selection, development, promotion, succession planning, career management and training.

What kind of tests/exercises are used in Assessment and Development Center (ADC) and why?

A variety of exercises are used to measure competencies in various situations. Some of the tests/exercises that may be used are as follows:

  • Aptitude tests – to assess the intellectual potential of a candidate
  • Personality questionnaire – to understand the personality and/or motivational drivers.
  • Simulation exercises and role-plays– to measure problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Competency-based interview – to assess specific competencies.

What are the uses of Assessment and Development Center?

The traditional use of the Assessment Centre/Development Centre includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Identify the potential early
    Assessing and developing potential “highflyers” and motivate them to stay with the organization.
  • Diagnose training and development needs
    Establishing training and development requirements of individuals and providing them the tools required to perform better.
  • Recruitment and promotion
    Assessing the suitability of both internal and external candidates for particular open positions that need to be filled.
  • Organizational planning
    Identifying areas within an organization where skill deficiencies exist, so that consulted action can be taken to bridge the gaps.
  • Organizational development
    Using it as a tool for employee development and team building that may initiate coaching and counselling interactions.

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