Equipping Your Leaders for Maximum Business Impact

leadership development

85% of the CEOs, in a recently conducted survey highlighted their biggest concern as the paucity of effective leaders in adequate numbers to drive their business towards growth and success and to skilfully navigate their business through VUCA challenges of the day.

The right people in the right leadership roles can effortlessly lead your organization to sustainable success. So, how can you develop effective leaders? Through Naman’s leadership development intervention that identifies needs and equips them in a structured manner.

Leadership Development Interventions
can benefit people who matter to your organization the most

Naman overtime, backed by its hardcore experience and research has evolved specific interventions geared to build leadership competencies in a variety of situations for different talent groups. As the business challenges and complexities increase, so does Naman which has designed interventions to suit emerging realities with a single purpose of enabling:


Managers and Manager of Managers

  • Transition into new dynamic roles seamlessly
  • Identify and build on competencies critical to role efficacy
  • Cope with ever-changing business complexities that disturb the equilibrium on the personal and professional front


  • Improve team cohesion and synergy
  • Achieve better agility through shared & collective learning
  • Empower the team to adapt and succeed in a rapidly evolving business dynamic


  • Envision, to keep pace with emerging business realities
  • Energize and equip to be future ready
  • Secure sustainable growth and development

Naman’s Leadership Development Framework

We spearhead leadership development through research and diagnosis in collaboration with various clients across the spectrum. We have had the opportunity in the last 15 years to have a closer look at business realities and have accordingly developed insights on what works in building effective leaders. We leverage these insights to create a participatory Leadership Development Intervention that effectively unlocks the leadership potential in your organization.

Our Leadership Development initiative spans Standalone development programs of one or two days to a comprehensive, long-term customized intervention that spreads across 9 to 24 months, consistent with the needs of the client organization.


Blending Ownership & Leadership for Transformation (BOLT®) is a unique and proven, leadership and organizational development intervention that uses a combination of clinical, experiential and action learning tools to facilitate participants to identify their potential and increase their personal, professional and consequentially organizational development effectiveness.

BOLT® successfully equips the leaders with the right mindset, tools and leadership skills which are needed to lead their people amidst the various organizational changes that the company goes through.

BOLT- A registered flagship leadership development offering of Naman has been implemented successfully in a number of organizations across the industry, helping them earn huge dividends in terms of grooming and nurturing leadership. To enable smaller organizations to benefit from BOLT, public BOLT development programs are also conducted from time to time.

leadership development


Recognizing the need for individuals’ personal development that helps them achieve their short and long-term goals, Naman provides coaching through its team of certified coaches. The coaching agenda is developed between the coach and the coachee after initial exploration/diagnostic phase and firmed up in joint discussion with the organization.

Naman prefers to have a 3600 Feedback conducted on its in-house IT platform along with administration of psychometrics like 16pf, followed by report sharing with the participant. This sets the right stage for drawing the coaching goal and action plan. The individual coaching sessions are held with periodic review with the organization.

Naman accordingly seeks to demonstrate the tangible benefits achieved through coaching through post coaching evaluation. Coaching intervention can be either standalone or as a subset of a comprehensive leadership development initiative.

Our Approach

Our approach brings together a robust engagement process that goes
through various stages of implementation:

  • Stage 1: Discovery

    Appreciating and identifying the organization’s needs and criteria for success. Securing the organization’s partnership through the Process Owners and Steering Committee.

  • Stage 2: Diagnosis

    Inquiring and analyzing factors concerning the organization and desired direction/intervention areas.

  • Stage 3: Design and Develop

    Designing and recommending customized Leadership Development initiatives that best fit the current and the foreseeable needs of the organization with timelines, resource commitment and outcomes.

  • Stage 4: Delivery

    Implementation of the Leadership Development intervention with periodic review and course correction.

  • Stage 5: Evaluation

    Measuring the impact of interventions on individual and business performance through identified success factors.

  • Stage 6: Institutionalizing

    Handholding and effective transition from the consultant to the client for sustainable, tangible benefits.

Bring out the best in your leaders through our leadership development interventions.

Client Success Stories


What is Leadership Development?

Leadership development is the process of enhancing organizational excellence by increasing the effectiveness and performance of leaders and potential leaders.

What are the objectives of a Leadership Development program for organizations?

The objectives of a Leadership Development program are as follows:

  • Build capabilities for effective role performance.
  • Equip leadership to respond better to current business needs.
  • Create a leadership pipeline on a continual basis, internally.
  • To create a culture of self-introspection and commitment to improvement.
  • To identify potential leaders and facilitate Human Resource processes of Career Development and Succession Planning.
  • Promote human capital that is ready to accept challenges, accountability and ownership.
  • Build leaders who as mentors and coaches, energize, empower and unleash human potential.

What are the key reasons you should invest in Leadership Development program?

  • The success of a business organization is substantially shaped by the senior leaders who navigate its course. Needless to say, that well-developed leaders are critical to ensure the same.
  • Business is continually experiencing fast-paced and uncertain changes, there is a need to hone capabilities in our leaders to meet this challenge.
  • Organizations which invest in developing their leaders and keep them future ready can achieve sustainable success and growth.
  • Talent seeks organizations which invest in their growth and development. A well-structured Leadership Development initiative of an organization can help attract and retain talent.
  • Leadership training helps organizations to stay agile and strategic thus earning rich dividends by leveraging its human capital as much as other critical resources.

What are the benefits of Leadership Development Intervention?

The following are the benefits of Leadership Development Intervention:

  • Maximize productivity and performance
  • Shape a more positive work culture
  • Give direction and focus on the activity
  • Retain people
  • Nurture and develop leaders
  • Increase employee engagement