organization Restructuring

A great org. structure – like all great foundations – influences behaviour and performance in many invisible ways.

That’s why, at NamanHR, we partner with companies – new and old – to build robust and agile foundations.

organization Restructuring

deals with its various functions, their interrelationship, departmentalization, delineation of job roles, and the hierarchical relationship between them.

Broadly speaking, the organization structure fulfils the following purposes:

  • outlining org. hierarchy – identifying role → its responsibilities → its stakeholders
  • defining workflows of how activities are to be executed to achieve goals by answering who-what-when-how for business activities
  • giving a visible identity to functions, roles, and related structures, thereby enabling people within and outside to navigate better

While designing the most suitable structure for your business model, you may want certain aspects to be centralized and several others to be decentralized. Some functions will have more agility if there are more hierarchical layers, while others will benefit with a flatter structure.

Nuances like these make the exercise of org. restructuring rather complex.


At its most basic, a strategically designed org-structure ensures smooth and effective operations plus helps achieve optimum utilization of resources. Its other benefits include:

  • ensuring functional autonomy while weaving in collaboration between functions and teams
  • avoiding overlap of responsibilities
  • providing a clearer and wider scope of career growth
  • building unity of command and communication
  • improving effective and timely decision-making

Find out if your organization structure is making your employees agile and efficient or is it depleting their energy through repetitive and overlapping responsibilities.

The NamanHR Advantage

Years of work with businesses of all kinds has affirmed that a solid organization structure is a reflection of your business model. Before getting to the drawing board, we spend time in understanding the purpose for which your organization has been formed, the market in which it operates, stakeholders it serves, goals, aspirations, and value system.

Armed with usable insights, we initiate planning and execution in one or both of the following directions.

organization Design

Generally speaking, taller and complex organization designs make it tough to adapt to changing business needs, such as introducing a new business unit or outsourcing. Leaner designs make it simpler to shift employee focus around, revise managerial structures, and redesign job descriptions.

The NamanHR approach begins with clearly identifying gaps between your current design and the one that will be most suitable to your business model. We identify the value chain and, wherever needed, re-engineer business processes. This alignment is achieved to optimize manpower and other assets while ensuring functional integrity and autonomy.

We test the new norms in a control group, watch their effects, and course correct before implementing across board.

Job Design

Deep and meaningful organization restructuring demands carefully crafted positions with clear roles and responsibilities. Each unique position entails skilfully designing the job, its content, context, and deliverables.

Over the years, NamanHR has acquired immense expertise in designing jobs while ensuring non-duplication, overlap, or absence of any activity germane to effective performance. We do a thorough role mapping that also defines inter-relationship of positions and functions across the company.

Our Approach

  • Stage 1


    Understanding existing structures; what’s working and what's not; visions and strategic goals

  • Stage 2


    Identifying non-value-adds as well as those essential to high performance

  • Stage 3

    Develop Options

    Designing of new structures based on efficiency and effectiveness

  • Stage 4

    Recommend Best Fit

    Presenting alternatives to client stakeholders with cost benefit analysis; finalising nuances of new structure

  • Stage 5


    Implementing new structure through a combination of small group trainings, functional orientations and more

If your organization or a department is struggling with poor performance or slow, ineffective decision-making – the problem could be systemic.

You can’t fix it by changing people. Consider analysing its basic structure and relation with other functions.

organization Restructuring doesn’t have to be complex and overwhelming.

Leverage the industry-wide experience of experts at NamanHR to make it efficient, effective, and tangible.


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