Case Studies

Leading businesses need more than hard work and solid results in today’s complex workplace landscape.

Today’s organisations are in the midst of a rapid performance transformation and to boost the odds of sustaining their efforts, it has become imperative for them to look at understanding their health.

The urgency and magnitude of the pandemic have made many leaders to step back and think about what’s right for the business and all its stakeholders in the longer term.

The trend in employee attrition acts as a concern for the IT companies with many firms in the sector witnessing a surge in attrition rates in past few months.

The business world has evolved from the phase when traditional skill development training programs or educational qualifications were sufficient to prepare employees for workplace success.

As the pharmaceutical industry has evolved and become more sophisticated, first-line managers (FLMs) have found themselves with more responsibilities than ever.

Workplace Mentorships have been around for thousands of years now. However, over time the way we mentor has adapted to the changes in the workplace.

It is a well-known fact that the pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated and operates in one of the most dynamic environments.

Being a leader in 2022 entails confronting new challenges and opportunities that have rarely been seen before.

How did Naman assist one of India’s leading pharmaceutical companies in strengthening and upskilling their social, emotional, and behavioral skills to enhance work culture and better performance?

How did Naman help navigate fourth largest multinational pharmaceutical company to more effective employees and better outcomes through Assessment and Development centre?

Naman HR assisted Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited (GACL), a state government owned chemical and alkalis manufacturer to equip…

How did Naman help one of India’s multinational pharmaceutical companies create a culture of competency driven people practices to develop emerging leaders?

How did Naman assist world’s leading research-oriented healthcare organisation in strengthening its position and developing capabilities to sustain in this VUCA world?

How did Naman help a leading global pharmaceutical company transform themselves to build Sustainable Quality Culture as a way of their employees?

How did Naman help one of India’s multinational pharmaceutical companies ensure their next audit turns into a frictionless experience?

How did Naman help one of India’s leading producers of herbal veterinary products equip their managers to effectively navigate and thrive in the post pandemic era?

How did Naman help one of India’s multinational pharmaceutical companies equip their managers to become next-generation leaders?

How did Naman change management intervention help one of India’s multinational corporations keep pace in a constantly evolving business world?

How Naman’s MIDAS program helps India’s largest  multinational automobile manufacturers harness their employees’ strongest strength to boost business performance.

How did Naman’s MIDAS help India’s largest telecom tower company build and develop its PAN India leaders to make themselves future ready?

How did a leading international manufacturer of pigment preparation elevate the role of HR generalist to HR business partners.

How did one of India’s largest processed food manufacturers establish a performance culture by creating a direct linkage of rewards to performance.

How did India’s biggest gas and engineering business adapt sustainable change management initiatives for their employees.

How did India’s leading Media research company ensure that employers have the skills to achieve desired organization goals.

How did India’s largest hydro business manufacturing MNC establish a unified work culture while enhancing productivity and maintaining work life balance?

How did India’s greatest equity brokerage firms prepare future leaders to give it a client grater trading platform ?

How did Asia’s leading industrial equipment manufacturers develop their employees to become future leaders?

How did one of the leading and fastest-growing Agri Sciences firms want their employees to approach workplace development with a fresh perspective in 2022?

How did India’s greatest equity brokerage firms prepare future leaders to give a client greater trading platforms?

How did one India’s leading zinc manufactures hone competencies of senior and and middle management executives to prepare them for future expansion projects.


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    The Great Resignation Survey 2022

    "The Great Resignation." "The Great Reshuffle." "The Great Reprioritization."

    Whatever you call it, the fact is that tens of millions of Indians have quit their jobs in 2021, creating headaches for business leaders, driving wage increases, and putting pressure on HR departments to figure out just what is causing this mass exodus of Employees- and how to curtail it.

    We at Naman HR have been in the human resources profession for over 17 years and were curious to learn more about the challenges and fundamentals of this phenomenon.

    To better understand what’s driving voluntary attrition in the labor market, we conducted a brief survey of employees in the month of February and March 2022 covering 500+ organizations across various industries.

    Explore the report to see the full scope of this important employee data!