Competency Mapping

At NamanHR, we build Competency Frameworks that improve employee performance today and enhance potential for tomorrow.

Performance Excellence Through The Power of Competence

“A competency is an underlying characteristic of the person that leads to or causes effective or superior performance.”

– Richard Boyatzis,
Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Psychology, and Cognitive Science at Case Western Reserve University

The corporate world is witnessing a transformational shift. Our highly VUCA environment demands that leaders re-visit their operating models. They evaluate effectiveness from the lens of what’s needed today and what will be needed in the very near future.

As a result, Competency Mapping is witnessing massive popularity. Organizations of the post-pandemic world realize that they need to get their workforce ready for today and tomorrow. Competency Mapping enables exactly that by helping you identify, assess, and nurture competencies critical to your success as a business.

Not surprisingly then, Competency Mapping initiatives have been the most frequently implemented projects at NamanHR in the last 2 years.

What does your Competency Model look like?

Does it exist as a heavy-duty document which only a select few understand?
Or does it reflect in every human interaction in your company?
Get an expert’s view today.

What is Competency Mapping?

Competency mapping is defined as the process of identifying the exact skills, abilities, knowledge, and behaviours needed to perform effectively and efficiently in a specific job or role.

Identifying competencies associated with each role helps you:

  • know attributes that will improve employee productivity
  • identify relevant strengths and areas of development in employees
  • gauge candidate suitability for a role/position
  • anticipate developmental needs to keep employee and organization ‘future-ready’

Building a strong framework of Competency Mapping for your organization will ensure you:

  • get better at linking business strategies to individual performance
  • invest in Talent Development NOT from a myopic view of current performance gaps but from the wide angle of your organizational vision
  • bring tangibility to health and readiness assessments of teams, departments, and organization

The NamanHR Advantage

Years of implementing competency frameworks across industries have helped us build structured methodologies and time-tested processes. From competency matrices, dictionaries, proficiency classifications – we walk into our client organizations with rock-solid foundations. Which means we don’t waste your time in figuring out the ‘how’. We start contributing from the get-go.

Our expertise lies in mapping functional, managerial, and behavioural competencies. Within functional, we have mapped competencies for technical and business support functions across industry segments.

Our team comprises professionals from backgrounds like Psychology and Engineering and are backed with relevant industry experience. This gives us an additional edge when defining functional and behavioural competencies.

We leverage relevant HR Analytics and digital tools to lend pace and scalability to the complex task of org-wide competency mapping.

The tools we use include, but are not limited to:

  • Visionary Interviews
  • Repertory Grid
  • Work Profile
  • Critical Incidents
  • Forced Ranking
  • Job Shadowing
  • and other cutting edge, high-impact tools that evolve in this space

Our Approach

  • Stage 1


    Scope and define success factors, challenges, and expectations by studying relevant literature; design bespoke data collection tools

  • Stage 2


    Create broad competency frames in line with industry norms; create segmentations to cover 'content and context' of each role

  • Stage 3


    Design competency matrix with behavioural definition; develop Behaviourally Anchored Scales (BARS) to capture full range of demonstration; post approvals create competency dictionary and map framework to other HR processes

  • Stage 4


    Create comprehensive functional and organizational reports to transfer knowledge and actionable to internal teams

Competency Mapping lends clarity about skills that drive great performance.

Are you under-utilizing the power of Competency Mapping in driving superior performance?

Client Success Stories

NamanHR’s approach towards Competency Mapping ensures long-term, sustainable impact to your bottom line. What’s more – it is quick, efficient, and scalable!

Make your Competency Framework really deliver its worth.


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