Culture Change

Your culture is your real competitive advantage.

At NamanHR, we work with you to ensure your culture becomes your biggest business driver. Today and tomorrow.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Attributed to Peter Ducker and popularized by Mark Fields, this sentence is as true today as it was when first spoken. It truly underscores the importance of culture in an organization.

But what is culture?

At NamanHR, we think of culture as…

“… the underlying beliefs, assumptions, values, and ways of interacting that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization. It’s a manifestation of what the organization believes in and the way it conducts itself. ”

Why should leaders and HR care about something as intangible as culture?

  • because cultural aspects are like the hidden traits of a human personality. They always impact actions and decisions. Sometimes in subtle ways and at times – especially during crisis – in magnified ways
  • culture reflects in everything – the manner in which employees behave, the way they talk to each other and about what, or in the way systems and processes are designed
  • accordingly, culture impacts the direction in which your organization is headed; plus the pace and resilience with which it reaches there

Wondering if there is an evidence-based approach to quantify your organization’s culture and measure its impact?
Of course!

Can you really change an organization’s culture?

Of course, it takes time to alter how people think, feel, and behave. But, it is certainly possible to take concerted steps to move culture in the right direction. After all, cultures evolve over time – sometimes slipping backward, sometimes progressing – the best you can do is work with and within them, rather than fight them. What that means is to truly make an effort to:

  • know and understand your culture
  • measure the ways in which it is manifesting itself
  • put your finger on exactly what and why you need to change something within your culture
  • measure and govern the impact of cultural changes you’re bringing

Because that is exactly what Cultural Change is.

It’s a process through which an organization educates and encourages employees to adopt behaviours and mindsets that are consistent with its values and new goals.

At NamanHR, we’ve found that almost every enterprise that has attained peak performance across the world (Apple, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Tata Consulting, Google, Mahindra, Flipkart) got there by being ferociously focused on their culture. On what it currently is and how it needs change to push their aggressive growth plans.

Is your organization going through a change? New ways of working? Or a new management?
It’s definitely the right time to bring about a small cultural shift to inspire the best in your people. What and how?

The NamanHR  Advantage

Our culture coaches look at your business and the organization holistically. Through exhaustive dialogue and collaboration with your internal change champions, we design empirical diagnostic assessments that are 100% bespoke to your unique culture.

In effect, we methodically:

  • assess your culture’s strengths and gaps
  • design, drive, and accelerate culture transformation
  • interlace the desired culture with your talent lifecycle
  • equip your leaders and managers to drive the new cultural nuance independently

At every stage, we work closely with your internal Change Agents. They serve as our torch-bearers and also enables us to monitor impact in real time. This means timely course correction and remedial measures.

A cultural change intervention can be specific to one area or a combination of areas, depending on the diagnosis and business goals. Accordingly, an intervention can last for over a couple of months to a couple of years.

Some common goals we’ve helped our clients achieve include:

  • Evolving and assimilating VMV (Vision, Mission, Values)
  • Addressing competing needs to create an organization centric focus
  • Assessing and integrating cultures post merger or acquisition
  • Increasing overall awareness about the culture to create a stronger identity
  • Magnifying one or more of your key values in the cultural fabric:
    • creating accountability and performance culture
    • strengthening collaboration and leveraging internal teams
    • encouraging creativity and innovation
    • instilling stronger customer centricity and market reach
    • weaving in Quality as a way of life
    • building a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our Approach

  • Stage 1


    Understanding gaps, needs, and expectations; securing partnerships through Change Agents, Process Owners, or Steering Committee

  • Stage 2


    Evolving appropriate diagnostic tools for situation-scan and data collection; zooming in on areas of priority; creating a charter of actionable and outcomes

  • Stage 3


    Implementing actionable with Change Agents, regular monitoring, real-time course correction

  • Stage 4


    Measuring progress and impact against desired goals and benchmarks

  • Stage 5


    Creating strong mechanisms for sustaining desired changes and enabling smooth transition from consultant to client

Whether your goal is to speed up your innovation or become a “Great Place To Work”, NamanHR  works with you to bring about the desired culture change and deliver business results.

To make Culture Change efficient, effective, and tangible.


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