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Culture Change

Organizational Culture reflects leadership style, staff competence, presence of and compliance with processes and systems, business performance, trust between management & employees, collaboration among people, customer feedback, communication practices, transparency, attitude and conduct. The above elements form a mutually supportive system and come together to prevent any endeavor to change it.


Bringing about a change in the culture of an organization is no small task and requires the deployment of all resources in hand. However, the sequence in which these resources are deployed will have an impact on the success of the initiative, which is why we suggest use of Leadership tools like Vision, Mission, Values and organizational strategy.

1 Areas of Impact
  • Strong & effective method to diagnose Cultural issues
  • Proven solutions to improve and manage culture
  • Assured outcome through handholding and support
  • Certified OD Specialists on-board
  • In-house expert Consultants for system design & implementation
Success Story
An initiative called Nirmaan was designed for Intas to create a sustainable quality culture by developing the quality mind-set of the employees. 5000+ employees were covered as a part of this initiative which consisted of activities like training, shop floor meetings and live projects. A system was created where the ROI was defined in terms of the KRAs to measure the impact.The successful implementation of this initiative saw Intas clearing their third USFDA 483 audit with zero incidents.