Mumbai17th-18th September, 201916pf® Certification: Acquire internationally valid certification for World’s top ranking psychometric test 16 personality factors – offered by PSI.
Vadodara10th August, 2019MIDAS™: Maximize I through Discovery and Application of Strengths – workshop that has impacted more than 5000 professionals across India.
Thane20th September, 2019
Ahmedabad21st September, 2019
Bangalore18th October, 2019
Mumbai1st November, 2019
New Delhi20th November, 2019
Hyderabad5th December, 2019
Ahmedabad21st-22nd November, 2019Strengths Based Leadership: Learning fine art of leveraging own and team’s strengths to create ecosystem of Trust, Hope, Stability and Compassion.
Vadodara17th October, 2019 onwardsBOLT® 2.0: Blending Ownership and Leadership for Transformation (BOLT®) – most acclaimed and result oriented long-term intervention to develop leadership capabilities – Being launched in new format after 65 batches.