Personality-based Coaching

Behaviour is the Best Predictor of Work Performance.

In partnership with PSI – world leader in Talent Measurement – Naman brings to you, 16pf® – 16 personality factor. A data and behavioural science based psychometric that leverages the power of personality to transform potential of individuals and teams.

Personality is what we are and behaviour is what we do.

It affects our personal lives and impacts workplace behaviour. Any effort to expand an individuals’ performance and potential must, therefore, begin at understanding their personality with precision. Today, given the developments in Behavioural Science, there are several psychometric tools at our disposal to help us achieve this. Each with its own strength.

At Naman, we zeroed in on 16pf® – 16 Personality Factors.

Why? Because 16pf® is backed by volumes of reliable, validated data since 1949. And because we believe in what Nassim Nicholas Taleb said, “the older something is, the longer it’s likely to be around and relevant in the future”.

What is  16pf®?

A versatile personality assessment tool on a powerful technology platform.

16pf® is a personality factor questionnaire developed by Dr. Raymond Cattell in 1949. It is a standardised personality test that measures 16 primary personality factors and 5 global personality factors.

Through its objective and empirical measurement of personality traits, the tool accurately predicts behaviour and enables sustainable change.

Here’s more on why 16pf® is our preferred Psychometric Tool at Naman.

  • With 2,700+ published research articles that validate and support its theory, 16pf® is amongst the most researched and validated behavioural assessment tool today
  • Available in over 20 languages, the tool ensures non-native English speakers are able to leverage the tool correctly and effectively
  • The outcome is compiled and presented in a range of comprehensive reports that are easy to understand and provide tangible recommendations

How Your Organisation Can Utilise 16pf®?

  • Hiring

    • Reduce hiring risk by facilitating the decision-making process
    • Assess culture-person job fitment
    • Map desired personality and behaviour accurately to Job descriptions and enable role based hiring
  • Promotions

    • Identify high potential employees
    • Predict performance in new role / function
    • Identify grooming and coaching needs
  • Skill development

    • Strengthen training need identification
    • Lend accuracy to competency measurement
    • Facilitate stronger behavioural trainings and coaching

The Naman Advantage

Ready to develop talent by strengthening foundations, not just superficial actions? 16pf ® is your answer.

16pf® Questionnaire

16pf® is a Force Multiplier. It’s guaranteed to lend pace and accuracy to your hiring, promotion, skill development efforts.

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